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http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=15605179 <- RIGHT HERE! [ 2/5 green]

- FREE JEWELRY! Diamonds/white gold/pearls.

http://www.diamonds4nothin.com/?r=78 [[3/8 are green! sign up! yay]]



Those are the ones I would prefer you to sign up under :] Here are two others, however:



- FREE NOTEBOOKS/ $1000 paypal:


if you complete an offer and go green, I can send one of the things for you:

-> $6.00 paypal
-> Tutti Dolce lipgloss in "lemon meringue"
-> BBW cool e/s in "Shell" [[pink]]
-> Burned CD : flashlikewhat for list
-> Complete an offer for you
-> DVD "Little Black Book" [[must complete two offers]] ORIGINAL DVD -- not a bootleg
-> Tony and Tina n/p in "sociable" [[shimmery beige]]
-> I have a TON of vintage pinback buttons with fun pictures/phrases. I'll send you two for completing an offer!


I have TONS of feedback [[links to ebay and mua here, as well]] flashlikewhat

<3 <3 Wendy

ps. Please EMAIL me -- Wendyrose04@Hotmail.com or AIM me : wendyrose08 [[i haven't been getting notifications when people reply to my posts..]]

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Hey guys!

The Netflix offer I completed a while back FINALLY went green! If you'd like to know how I got them to do it, email me. :-)

I'll keep y'all posted. I should have referrals going green soon too.

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We need to do some more promoting of this community so that the rest of the members can get some free bags!!!

Where shall we do this?

Has anyone gotten a free one yet?? Let us know!!!!!!!!

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Conga is going great!!!!

I've got 5 referrals in the can, I'm waiting for 2 of them to verify their email addresses and for all of them to go green. As soon as they do, I'll bump up the next person, who will become moderator (or co-moderator, whatever :-) ) And we'll do some promo/whoring of the community/conga in the other handbag and freebie communities.

Check the post below this one to see!

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Here's how it works:
Step One - Click the topmost referral link and complete an offer. Comment and you'll become next in line. As each order is filled, the list will bump up.

Current Line
Have ??/ Need ??

Have 5 pending referrals/Need 0 more!
5 verified/ 0 unverified
0 green <----just playing the waiting game now, you're number one dear!

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Hi everyone! This is a brand spankin new community for us handbag-addicted girls. Luxuryfree.com has FAR FAR better choice in handbags than freehandbags.com. For now this will just be a referral trading journal, but after 5 people join, we'll make an official conga line. Good luck everyone! Here's my link!

Anyhow, Luxuryfree has WAY better Coach stuff than free handbags.com, so I'm signing up for that